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CATEGORY: General questions
Who are most likely to use the Mediminds?

Any patient seeking affordable, high quality medical care can benefit from the Mediminds. However, those who may benefit the most are uninsured individuals who may face increasing medical bills for serious procedures.

  • Wait-listed patients with chronic pain or disability
  • Patients that want to take responsibility for their medical decisions, and make the best choice from global options
  • Patients seeking treatments that are routinely performed in India, but not approved in the U.S. or U.K. (e.g. robot assisted joint replacement)
Who are the strongest candidates for the Mediminds?
Anyone facing a serious medical procedure, such as heart or orthopedic surgery with limited finances, personal savings or limited insurance to pay for it. In several cases, access to the Mediminds option may make the difference.

Other candidates who often consider global healthcare options are those considering procedures that are voluntary or not otherwise may not be covered by insurance plans such as cosmetic surgery, dental aesthetics, vision correction etc.
How do people get into the Mediminds?
Patients may inquire directly, and can also be referred to Mediminds by a physician in your country.
Why are physicians in my country would be willing to help me with getting treatment in India?
Physicians at times find themselves very difficult to suggest any feasible alternatives to patients who cannot afford the high costs of treatment here at home country. Since all physicians are committed to helping patients in any way they reasonably can, they are increasingly looking elsewhere for help. Physicians are generally very happy to offer a viable alternative for patients to receive treatments that otherwise may be out of their financial reach.
CATEGORY: Cost of care
How much will I save if I have an operation in India?
The savings will vary by procedure, but typically the cost of medical care provided through the Mediminds system will be 65- 70% less than the fees typically charged in the U.S. or U.K. private health care system.

Because of the payment system that has evolved in some countries, it is almost impossible to get an estimate for a procedure when the patient wants to pay cash. Because the Indian super-specialty private hospitals are accustomed to dealing with the needs of overseas patients, they provide a reasonably concise estimate for the procedure, including physician fees, nursing care, room and food.
Why does it cost so less for treatment in India?
It is simply a matter of the health care cost structure in India. Surgeons/Physicians and hospitals charge less, medications are not expensive, there are no additional costs (such as malpractice insurance) borne by doctors and passed along to patients through increased fees, staff salaries and other overhead costs are considerably lower, and so on.

  • Costs associated with frivolous lawsuits result in the unusually high cost of malpractice insurance in the U.S. as compared to the rest of the world
Is it cost effective to travel overseas for treatment?
The cost of travel to India is now becoming very competitive with the cost of travel between major U.S. cities, Canada and U.K. Sometimes it is cheaper to travel to India, then to travel between U.S… and a heart valve replacement would be $8,000 rather than $150,000. Moreover:
  • Several airlines from U.S. and Canada offer nonstop flights to India. Europe has daily flights to several Indian cities.
  • In many cases, the price advantage of India can also include the travel expenses of a partner traveling with the patient
What's included in the cost of care through Mediminds?
The cost of the medical procedure quoted to patients by Mediminds is all-inclusive. It includes local transportation, case management, the cost of the procedure, medicines, hospitalization and all costs associated with onsite follow-up care. Post recovery accommodation cost for the companion’s accommodation can be quoted separately or as a part of the package, as the case may be. While tourism and other outside discretionary costs are not included, Mediminds is able to provide tourism services within a complete package.
Can there be unforeseen costs and expenses arise when I travel to India for treatment?
Your physician will understand your particular situation and suggest the scope of treatment based on a preliminary diagnosis. Acting on this consultation, your Mediminds Executive will give you treatment cost estimates and make best efforts to inform you of possible extra costs based on any past trends. Once you begin your treatment, there is the possibility that some other related procedures, diagnostic tests, cross referrals are suggested or required. In such cases, you and/or your designated financially responsible parties will be able to make appropriate decisions in conjunction with your referring physicians and Mediminds Executive
What about the quality of medical care in Indian hospitals? Is it as good as here in our Country?
Board-certified physicians provide medical care in the Mediminds partner hospitals, many of whom have previously trained in top international medical programs and practiced medicine in the United States, U.K., Australia or other developed countries. Their quality of care is equal to and in many cases exceeds that available in this country. In addition, Mediminds Partner Hospitals are among the best in the world and boast an excellent professional staff, as well as the most modern facilities and equipment available. In most cases, the success rates for medical procedures performed in our partner hospitals exceeds those for several international institutions
  • The Medicare program in the U.S. recognizes JCAHO accreditation as an indicator of quality…and in fact a requirement for Medicare payment to the hospital. In addition to existing International accreditations, such as ISO, Indian hospitals are seeking JCI accreditation. Some Indian hospitals have already received JCAHO accreditation JCI is the international arm of JCAHO.
  • Indian super-specialty hospitals have success rates that are in many cases superior to their American or U.K. counterparts, because they are focused on the international patient. Mediminds partner hospitals have treated more than 150,000 foreign patients.
India is sometimes seen as a country with a lot of poor people and poor living conditions. Is it safe for me to have major medical treatment there?
On the one hand India is one of the most populous countries in the world with a lower standard of living and higher incidence of poverty than in most developed countries. However, on the other hand, India is of one the world's most dynamic emerging countries and has an increasingly strong economy. Indian specialty hospitals have made large financial investments in recent years to ensure that their equipment and care facilities compare favorably with leading hospitals in the U.S. A well developed pharmaceutical, medical equipment and devices industry, backed by a vast research institutional framework supports the modern world class hospitals established both in private and public sector. These hospitals have also attracted some of the very best physicians in the world. India is fast becoming a worldwide health care destination.
What about nursing care?
Nursing care in Mediminds partner hospitals is some of the best available anywhere in the world. Nursing facilities are available 24x7.
CATEGORY: Process for receiving care
Can I become familiar with my Indian surgeon before I go for treatment?
Patients will be able to meet and talk with their Indian physician/surgeon by telephone or teleconference prior to leaving their country. We will also provide details about your physician prior to your choosing to have treatment through the Mediminds.
During my trip who will be dealing with my case?

Every Mediminds patient is assigned to a professional Care Executive who will take care of every detail of your trip and medical care from the first day of our association with you through the entire recuperative period.

  • Mediminds makes necessary arrangements for each patient to be received at the destination airport and transported to the hospital.
  • Mediminds also provides a cell phone that can be used during your entire stay in India. Mediminds provides several other value additions for you and your companions.
Can I take my friend, relative or companion with me?
Mediminds encourages patients to have a friend, relative or companion to accompany them on their trip. These companions can remain with you throughout the treatment and recovery. Mediminds is able to assist with arrangements for accommodation, food and transportation for the patient's companions.
What about follow-up care after I return home?
You can receive follow-up care from your own physician, counter part of the Indian hospital in your city or country, the physician who referred you into the Mediminds program or any other physician of your choice.
Will I need to go back to India for follow-up?
This depends upon case to case. Some patients may be asked by their Indian physicians/surgeons to return for additional care or a checkup after a certain period of time.
What happens if something goes wrong?
As with all medical/surgical procedures, there are possibilities that medical outcomes may not be optimal or as per your physician’s expectations. In instances where medical mistakes or malpractice is believed to have occurred, patients have the rights to seek redress under the Indian legal system similar to the procedure followed in U.K., U.S.A. and other countries
What if I become seriously ill while I receive treatment in India? Will the instructions in my living will honoured?
Mediminds is well equipped to handle any eventuality occurs during your overseas visit. Detailed process is explained to you by the Mediminds Care Executive. During your consultation with a Mediminds Care Executive, every possible outcome will be explained to you and those to whom we would turn to in an emergency
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